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Running Back Song Lyrics Ashley Cooke | Running Back song With Lyrics

Running Back Lyrics - Ashley Cooke | Running Back song With Lyrics Song Credits- Song - Running Back Singer - Ashley Cooke Song Duration - 03:08 mins Lyrics - Ashley Cooke Release Date - 18 November 2022 Music produced by - Jimmy Robbins, Lyrics - Ashley Cooke, Will Weatherly  & Emily Weisband Ashley Cooke is a famous singer. Her song “ Running Back “ was released on November 18 2022 and its lyrics are given below and you can listen it also. So let’s enjoying the song. Listen to "running back" here | running back lyrics | running back to you lyrics | songs lyrics Running back, number forty nine You had me from the sidelines And in the back of a Pontiac Something bout that first time That puts your walls up when it don’t work out You’re still holding on to it years from now I bet you probably put my memory in the ground And I’ve had a few somebody new’s Thought about forever too But I run away when it gets close to that ‘Cause no matter how far down the road The crazy thin